Time Frame
3 months
Release Date
September 1, 2021


Lopi is an app to connect local restaurants and creators. I worked with a product owner and a development team on this project at a start-up. The project is ongoing as of July 2021.

Overview - Roles and Responsibilities

This is my work at WrKLnK, which is a start-up based in Houston. It focuses on using video to connect business and people.

I worked with a product owner and a development team. My responsibilities included user research, designing user flows, journey map, design system, prototyping, user testing, and incorporating user feedback into design iterations.

Overview - The problem that I'm trying to solve

We're trying to connect local restaurants and creators (mainly Instagram influencers) to promote local restaurant's new food/event or to attract more customers.

Overview - Process:

RITE and Agile-Based Sprint

The process we use for developing Lopi

The product owner gave me the initial design which was used for his other project. I did a heuristic analysis on it and later developed a design system and update the design.

After having the first stage of the design, I did research to understand the existing products and what the user's behavior is. I also did some usability testing to know what's working and what's not. I then developed the persona and journey map. After that, I updated my design. I then did another round of user interview and testing so I knew how to improve the design.

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